Ed Laurent

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Founder at Griffin Groups and Connecting Conservation, designer and doer.
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About Ed

I enjoy solving problems. That's a big reason why I founded Griffin Groups (https://griffingroups.com). My wildlife conservation colleagues were floundering over and over again learning new tools, each with a different user interface, to do the same things. Throughout the 5+ year development of Griffin Groups, I was able to capture the workflows of well-organized partnerships and bundle them under a single login and user interface. I also built in a powerful email notification system that can incorporate advertising. As a result, Griffin Groups is a cutting edge communications platform that is poised to expand into new markets and raise advertising dollars. I'm looking for a partner who can take the lead in market research and expansion while I continue my focus on the Griffin Groups product.


"We're building a machine that will be proud of us" - Danny Hillis

Work Experience

Founder and Executive Director

Connecting Conservation

November 2012 - Today

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of other NGOs, agencies, companies, and individuals by forming, leading, and assisting groups of partners with different missions and strengths to collaboratively establish strategies, design and develop products, design and implement projects, and assess effectiveness in ways that would be more expensive, more time-consuming, and/or less effective to do individually.

Founder and Product Manager

Griffin Groups LLC

April 2012 - Today

Design and administration of Griffin Groups (https://griffingroups.com) as a free-to-use tool for building a community of purpose-driven communities. Coordinating enhancements that support community needs and activities. Educating partners about how to use Griffin Groups as a tool for information sharing, project coordination and participation, collaborative authorship, community development and branding, and promotion of products.

Science Coordinator

American Bird Conservancy

March 2008 - September 2013

Developed and delivered collaborative, science-based recommendations and tools that enabled the implementation and evaluation of bird conservation activities. Member of over a dozen regional, national, and international committees focused on collaborative conservation science and delivery. Publications focusing on short "how to" guides for technical skills, such as new web tools, bird monitoring protocols, and habitat modeling.


Michigan State University


2000 - 2005

Purdue University


1998 - 2000

Virginia Tech


1989 - 1994

Co-working Space

Switchyards Downtown - Atlanta, GA

2017 - Today