Ed Ramos

New York, New York, US

Ed's Skills
Product Management

About Ed

I am a computer engineer who loves to make simple and well-designed products that everyone can use to solve a need.

I am skilled in Cloud Computing systems for web or mobile (Heroku and AWS), and development in Java, Ruby, NodeJS and NET, also I did a Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX. I believe Art and Engineering are two sides of the same coin, united by innovation. I'm an ACM and IEEE member.

In my perspective as a Senior Software Architect, I've got the words if you need carry your project to next level or if you need to have your MVP so quickly as possible.

I'm no expert in making sales or finance, that is where I need the support of someone who is ambitious and wants to make a mark in this business. I serve as CTO.

I am willing to work remotely with a dedicated team too.

You can see some of my work in my Youtube Channel:


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