Ed West

Redwood City, California, US

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First time founder

About Ed

I was previously a software engineer at Google for more than 3.5 years. At Google, I worked on several groups: Google Express, Google Analytics, and Google Social. Before that I worked at several companies including HP, Yahoo, and startups.

I have experience with Android development at Google, web development, and backend engineering. Along with programming, I can do graphic design and received training from the Art Institute. I also tinker with hardware and electronics in my free time, including 3d printing, Arduino, Beaglebone, Electric Imp and Xbee.

Now I want to use my experience towards becoming an entrepreneur. One area I am passionate about is the independent games industry. Indie game developers, even brilliant ones, struggle with marketing their games and getting noticed in a crowded marketplace. I have built and launched an MVP where users can discover and promote indie games at http://www.joinindies.com. I am in the process of expanding the site into a service for promoting games through influencers on social networks. I'm looking for someone who is passionate about indie games and social media marketing.

I am also very interested in the Maker Movement and IoT technologies. I am intrigued by democratizing technology, and I believe the Maker Movement and related technologies will do as much to empower and transform the world as the Internet originally did. I am working on prototyping an analytics service for IoT devices. For that idea, I'm looking for someone with a background in hardware and/or big data and SaaS.

I would love to continue to work on those projects mentioned. But I am also open in learning of other ideas and opportunities that I would be passionate about working on.