Eddy Wong

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Eddy

Well rounded tech-guy with experience in startups and spin-offs. I have a background in software development (web and product), search, e-commerce, social networking, content management, big data and machine learning/personalization (Python, nodejs, Java, open source, NoSQL). Founded 2 startups, one spin-off and one incubated/VC funded (MassChallenge/Paypal StartTank).

I co-founded Wanderu, a search engine for buses and trains. Built it to $26 Mill/yr and 15 developers. Created a unique polyglot (nodejs, Python) architecture based on two NoSQL dbs (MongoDB and Neo4j) and created the middle layer infrastructure that serves as a standard for the bus and train industry. Recognized as a leader in the community in NoSQL (http://neo4j.com/users/wanderu/). Also built the infrastructure from the ground up (Bitbucket/git, Rackspace, Ubuntu, Jenkins CI/CD, dev/stage/prod, Ansible). Was also a champion of Scrum/agile, BigData throughout.

Previously, I was the Chief Architect at Open Sesame, a pioneer in personalization technology. Eventually sold it to Allaire Corp for $5 Mill. I've been down "in the trenches", in addition of being the tech guy, I have worn many hats, from talking to prospective acquirers, to creating my own booth at a trade show, to acting as product manager/sales/support guy in time of need.

I am the organizer of the Neo4j, MongoDB and Data Science meetups in Boston. Interested in BigData and graphs recently.


Brown University

MS in Computer Science

1993 - 1993



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