Edgar Ramirez Vilchez

Business Development, Product Management

St. Louis, Missouri, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Edgar

I came to the US to persue my undergrad education under a Fulbright scholarship. After graduating college I worked in the venture capital business as a business developer for a CRM software company. My clients were PE and VC companies, they were my mentors and this was my first step into the world of startups.

My experience lays in the business side of operations, I have seen startups grow, fund, expand and exit by having worked for one of the most successful startups in Chicago. I am ready to put that business experience, passion and smarts into a dream. I have started to develop an idea for a relationship management tool for professionals that will be able to help them leverage and own their lifelong relationships.

I am very interested in meeting a really cool person to work with. It may sound cliche but I have learned that the best way to do business is with people you can trust, and have a few beers with (martinis, cuba libre, and so on). My wife and I moved to St. Louis a few months ago because she is going to WashU for her PhD, before that we lived in Chicago. Saint Louis is a great city, but I would love to meet a like-minded person, not afraid of the opportunity to leave their 9-5 job (for a reasonable motive, of course, I am not crazy), not scared of instability or risk, and confident on their professional and personal capacity to thrive beyond having just a "normal", safe and secure life.

Product Management

University of Missouri, St. Louis

B.S. Business Administration

2012 - 2012


Capital Innovators