Eduardo Hueso

San Francisco, California, US

Independent iOS Engineer
Eduardo's Skills
Product Management

About Eduardo

I'm a senior engineer and product manager with over 6 years of iOs app development experience. I currently run a boutique mobile development shop and have done projects for clients like Facebook and Logitech.

My iOs experience spans a wide range of technologies including social networking, augmented reality, animation, openGL, networking, video capture and editing. I've been involved in roles ranging from product management and technical lead to writing all the code myself.

In a past life, I coded mostly in C and C++ at places like R&D at Industrial Light and Magic, where I worked on software used by animators in movies like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, and Brown University where I created virtual reality visualizations of scientific data.

Work Experience

iOs Engineer

Independent Consultant

January 2011 - December 2016