Edvard Skurko

Visaginas, Lithuania

Edvard's Skills

About Edvard

Civil engineer bachelor degree
Building company and Reinforced concrete product plant General Director background.
Briefly saying, we have great technical specialists for temporary projects employment (Food industry welders TIG, ship-building welders, mechanics, electricians, builders and more).
And I am looking for client manager / commercial directror / promotion agent / sales person to find more clients Worldwide.
I believe it is interesting to work with us, because as soon as you find a client, you get hourly based comission from every employee this client have ordered. (For example, client require 10 welders, for 6 months project with 10 hours working shift, you comission fee let say 50ct EUR/hour. Then you get 10*10*0.5=50 every day or 1050 euro per month from single client. Meanwhile you can keep searching for more clients and rise your earnings.