Mountain View, California, US

Edward's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Edward

An experienced business manager and founder looking for a technical co-founder to help with a product marketplace startup.

I've already implemented basic features of the startup concept at my primary company and we are seeing huge revenue growth. We are looking to develop and automate some more functionality of this concept within our own business first, and then use the generated revenue to fund the further development of our marketplace demo/beta. The primary business can provide significant access to assets, tools, space, labor, relationships, and initial customers.

A co-founder would need experience working with e-commerce platforms, shopping carts, or other marketplaces, and experience managing employees and contractors. Candidates would be tested in the real world with related contract work at our primary business, as that is the best way to test out skills and a working relationship.

My Background:

For 7 years I've been operating a high margin product distribution business (wholesale and retail) with a strong web presence. It started in a bedroom and was bootstrapped with a single credit card. We now have 10 employees, a 20K sqft facility, and millions in inventory of our own brand of product. For the first 3 years until we hit $1M in annual revenue I did everything on my own (sales, bookkeeping, shipping, product development… you name it). I'm more than familiar with hard work, late nights, and wearing multiple hats.

I have experience with hiring/firing building, training and managing teams. I have a very strong sense for what makes a successful marketing campaign, but I rely on artistic and technically talented staff to create the final product. I have experience with systemization, a lot of B2B and B2C sales, securing SBA and Private financing, pivoting our strategy, managing all finances and cash-flow, and moving from QB to NetSuite with extensive customizations.

I've also learned a lot from past failures as well. I lost a significant investment to a second business I started. I successfully opened the business, and then stepped away due to the poor performance of other team members, and how much time it consumed and distracted me from my more profitable core business. That business is still open and operating today. It consumed half of my time for a full year, but my primary business still managed to grow revenue 50% that year.

While a company is in it's infancy, I can handle all responsibilities besides the technical development of the software. I want to work with a passionate software engineer, so that I can focus on business development while they produce an amazing platform.


CSU Hayward

Business Management with concentration in Entrepreneurship

2008 - 2008