Edward Chase

Atlanta, Georgia, US

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About Edward

My whole life has been surrounded by technology, whether it be a family with an abundance of male engineers, or my personal curiosity taking flight in my adolescent and following me to my adult years. I have always been interested in discovering how things work whether it has an electric current or not, and would always take things apart and try to study them and look at them in different perspectives. I remember always asking myself “why did the designer make this specific object the way they did”. Fast forwarding through college, I was trying to find my niche in life and what really peaks my interest, but can also become a life time career. That is when I went back to my childhood and actually analyzed how examined life and technology. That was when I realized I had the mind of an engineer, and I had invention ideas that I believe will revolutionize the technological world. I am now in Atlanta Georgia, in the land of Startups, trying to follow my dream and start this journey to make my ideas and vision come true. I will not be able to do this alone so that is why I am looking for likeminded people, who are driven, persistent and goal-oriented to help me carry this vision through.


Aim for the moon, therefore if you miss you will be amongst the stars - W. Clement Stone

Work Experience

Assistant to Consular Section

United States Department of State

June 2015 - August 2015

Assisted in drafting more than 200 revocation memos for United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)) Improved communication between the Consular Section and Immigrants Heled Embassy's effort to reduce substantial backlog of official communication Extensive research into the case Detailed instances of fraud or the lack of a petitionable relationship


Virignia Wesleyan College

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

2012 - 2016

Virginia Wesleyan College

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

2012 - 2016