Edward (Chip) Hill

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US

Edward (Chip)'s Skills
Product Management

About Edward (Chip)

Hi, I’m Chip. I’ve spent the past 6 years running a successful software engineering consultancy. Most of my work over that time has been involved in the development of sophisticated virtual reality training applications for the U.S. Army. Over my career I have worked for several startups and a few large companies, but nothing excites me like the underdog hockey-stick growth environment of a startup. I’m a software geek that has no trouble learning and doing whatever it takes to get the job done, but I’ve got a good head for business and finance as well. I started my consulting business at the beginning of the great recession and achieved 112% average annual revenue growth over the first five years by delivering a quality work product and exceptional customer service to my clients.

My laser focus on customer service is also what allowed me to double the rental revenue from my beach condos in the first year after firing my property manager and listing the properties on VRBO.com and Airbnb.com. That decision has been financially rewarding, but it came at the cost of many added responsibilities. One of the most burdensome of those new responsibilities was the collection and payment of occupancy taxes. Just like a hotel, every rental booked on VRBO, Airbnb, etc. is required to pay occupancy taxes on that income to city, county and state governments. These taxes are usually paid monthly and some of the forms are long and complicated with many special purpose tax assessments that apply only to certain property locations or circumstances. That pain point and my entrepreneurial spirit prompted the creation of RentalTaxTool.com, a SaaS website aimed at making occupancy tax filing a breeze for vacation property owners.

I have lots of ideas for other services vacation homeowners might want, but occupancy tax compliance services are my beachhead and I need to find at least one co-founder that has the sales and marketing skills that I am lacking to get this venture moving faster. I’m looking for someone that can put together a great presentation and then convincingly deliver it to an audience of investors or customers or potential business partners. This person doesn’t need to be a geek, but they need to be technically savvy enough to be credible and successful in the SaaS industry. They need to have the experience and training necessary to develop the marketing and sales vision for the company and then plot the course to execute on that plan. And they must be driven to perform these tasks alone in the early days, yet capable of building and leading a sales/marketing team as we grow. I’m not asking for too much, am I ;^) If you have these skills and the excitement to join me on this journey, please get in touch. To receive founder stock, time and financial commitments will be required.