Edward M. Yang

Brea, California, US

Edward's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Edward

Proven business exec successfully founded a PR agency during the Great Recession, currently working on a project that has the potential for a (relatively) quick exit (three to five years max). Business model is proven, the space is growing rapidly, and the execution to go to market is relatively straightfoward.

Personality-wise, I am: honest, straight-forward, loyal, visionary, inspiring, empathetic. I also have the ability to blend the big picture with detailed execution.

I believe in work-life balance and that neither area should suffer as the result of the other.

My ideal candidate is someone in the Southern California area, Orange County would be best. This person would need to be the technical lead and co-founder of the company alongside me. They would have to have the ability to code, to understand databases, search engines, UI/UX and be able to liason and manage offshore technical resources to hit milestones.

If they have experience in online subscription revenue model businesses, even better. If they have read the Lean Startup and understand the process, better yet. Bonuses would be someone who understands growth hacking.

Their personality should be minimal drama, honest and able to self-motivate with minimal supervision. Someone who will say what they mean and mean what they say.

And above all, someone who is ready to join onto a business idea that has a potential big payout within less than five years!


University of California at Irvine


2001 - 2001

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Arts

1995 - 1995