Edward W Peterson

New York, New York, US

Edward W's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Edward W

I'm a motivated Founder with a passionate idea about returning government influence from corporations back to the people. I believe in an empowered workforce. I'm looking for equally motivated co-founders who can help drive the vision and deliver in an uncertain startup ecosystem.

I am a passionate and highly motivated leader who loves to solve difficult challenges through collaborative solutions supported by targeted metrics. My natural management style is to support high performing teams in a mentoring role while removing hurdles and recognizing excellence. I set high performance standards for everyone - including myself. I enjoy a hands-on approach and believe in leading by example.

I expect my team to demonstrate value to the company daily, empowering their workforce, unwavering customer focus and objective, fact-based decision making. Above all, I believe that an application should be of such a high quality as to sell itself.