Edwardo Jackson

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Movie game founder seeks technical assistance for equity
Edwardo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Edwardo

Fantasy sports meets the movies; think DraftKings goes Hollywood. Instead of picking athletes from teams, you’re selecting actors from movies in current release. You earn points for your call sheet (lineup) by how those actors’ movies perform at the North American box office, competing against others for cash prizes. CinemaDraft is free to play. The game is live and running as a MVP at https://cinemadraft.co.

While largely bootstrapped, we are looking for a talented full-stack developer to work on our AWS hosted Angular 2 front end/Ruby on Rails back end mobile web app for equity up to co-founder status. Right now, I am the sole, non-technical founder; I spend the majority of my time fundraising and running the game. We have gotten this far with a fractional CTO who is currently unavailable. Looking to squash several nagging bugs and add basic features to the game while I actively seek out seed funding. Upon funding, a full-time salaried position is available in addition to equity for your immediate work until then.

My background is in creativity, having been a three-time published author, professional screenwriter, and marketing professional over my career. Having been a professional poker player over the last four years, I've been drawn more and more into the online gaming industry, having watched the explosive growth of DFS mirroring that of online poker in the 2000s. This project marries the best of all my skill sets in entertainment, gaming, and marketing.