Edwardo Jackson

Marketing, Business Development

Las Vegas, Nevada, US


About Edwardo

I'm looking for someone to help me translate a gaming idea that involves mechanics from the world of daily fantasy sports (DFS) into a working prototype on a site. Currently, we've been ironing out the game mechanics via email and spreadsheets, and I need someone professional, creative, and dependable to be able to elevate this game to a website. At this time, we are looking for someone who can work on this in their spare time, but also who takes it as seriously as we do. Currently, the idea/game is out to incubators as we prepare to take the next step.

My background is in creativity, having been a three-time published author, professional screenwriter, and marketing professional over my career. Having been a professional poker player over the last four years, I've been drawn more and more into the online gaming industry, having watched the explosive growth of DFS mirroring that of online poker in the 2000s. This project marries the best of all my skill sets in entertainment, gaming, and marketing.

Product Management