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(the directions for this section say "don't be bashful", so here goes): crowdid will be 'tres commas' with your help. Crowdfunding is growing exponentially, but it's a truly unique phenomenon within industry in the existence of a self-imposed expiration (in other words, every individual crowdfunding campaign ends long before the value of their product in the marketplace naturally expires). Campaign platforms (of which their are easily over 700 worldwide) only cater to "Early Adopters" (approx. 14% of the market for any given product). crowdid is one of the first entities designed to take crowdfunded products and appeal to the other 84% of the consumer market that are psychologically profiled out by the inherent financial risks of campaign structure (I have two direct competitors right now, but they're both horribly branded making it clear they lack long-term vision).

Let me use the organic food movement by analogy. Kickstarter and indiegogo are like the most successful farmer's markets: short term homes for the sale of product by independent growers. Kickstarter and indiegogo are the necessary first iterations of commerce for the larger crowdfunding movement. CROWDID WILL BE THE WHOLE FOODS. crowdid offers a permanent selling home for all crowdfunded products and is properly branded to value these products and grow with the ethos that us underpinning crowdfunding (i.e. - sustainable production, local manufacturing, increased transparency etcetera). Crowdid has a 10X vision and 10X potential.

ME PERSONALLY: I'm committed to this more than I have ever been to anything in my life. I've made it this far as a 1-person team because of my complete passion, belief and commitment. Also, it has helped that I'm not very young, I've had a lot of life experiences and my sole focus at this point is building a great company. My earlier career was spent as an attorney.

- Advisers are welcome to reach out, but if I have to prioritize (which seems unnecessary), a co-founder is preferred.

YOU: I would love to find a co-founder who can build subsequent versions of crowdid. e-commerce isn't that complicated so the requisite programming skills are great, but I'd also like someone to join who wants to grow into a competent and happy CTO (not just in title). I'm aware that e-commerce isn't the sexiest industry. If you find yourself to be a 'flavor-of-the-month' type of person within tech, crowdid is probably not a good fit. If you have big goals, can see the potential of crowdid and understand that great things take time to build, I'd truly love to speak with you.

Thank you so much for spending the time to read this and consider a role as co-founder at crowdid.

Ed Havens


Rutgers School of Law - Newark

Juris Doctor(J.D.)

2003 - 2003


Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Bar License - NJ


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