Ehab's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ehab

Hi, I'm Ehab and I love technology, new ideas and creative solutions that solve critical problems for the public.

I work as software developer, have been digital nomading in several countries for more than 4 years and got tons of ideas and experience while traveling.

I had an idea that's really profitable and creative. I won the 1st place in StartupWeekend Alexandria 2013 for presenting the idea and worked for 2 years on solid business plan. I'm lacking to find the right people who can help me to implement it.

I'm looking for 3D CAD Designer, C++ developer and electromechanics engineer for developing a prototype product. I will also need a good marketer at a later stage.

I'm willing to travel and establish my startup in any country as long as there is a good potential to make it happens.

I'm also open to join any other startups, I'm good in web and desktop development. And also like to brainstorm ideas for business development.

So yea, let me know by contacting me via cofounders lab, email, facebook, linked in ...etc I'd be glad to talk to you.