Eileen Yining Han

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Eileen Yining's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Eileen Yining

Philadelphia based entrepreneurship. Founded and existed my own cafe Coffee Dot four years ago, with 230% ROI. Interested in the restaurant industry, as well as trying to scale up the outcomes by transform it into big data.

MENU is a data analytic tool for restaurants to obtain better insights and stay competitive. It generates a single restaurant’s operation data, such as customer flow and revenue. System would automatically lookup its direct competitors from the database by filtering location, food type, size and price range. Users will be able to see a graphic comparison between them and their competitors. MENU helps restaurants to accurately position their businesses among key competitors, as well as foresee the trends, better prepared and stay competitive. MENU is an add-on service for Point of Sales system. By simple integration, they can benefit their users and themselves.


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