El Haji Nero

Austin, Texas, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About El Haji

I am El Haji Nero, founder of El Nero Business Hub, Inc. A company that creates opportunities for business owners, independent consultants, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others to

share ideas, collaborate and network while providing a platform for business consulting, business training’s, business coaching and business certification program. I am currently pursuing

my Bachelor in Project Management at the University of Texas at Austin and in terms of my experience, I have a project management background, worked full-time with 3 startups,and also lay

out strategies to help some profitable smaller projects. I am a PMI Certified Associate in Project Management, courtesy of the Project Management Institute.I have an extensive experience in project management and also complementing my solid background in leadership, motivational speaking, and self-development.

I'm looking for a co-founder who will have a similar vision of this company.I understand the complexities and intricacies of the global marketplace. The more countries, languages, and

cultures involved, the more attention will be required in the execution of your strategy. Visionary business leaders understand these barriers and risks involved but also understand the

potential rewards that can result, including new revenue streams, sales channels, and partnerships. All of this can lead to competitive advantages in the global marketplace.

I want El Nero Business Hub, Inc to offer a variety of consulting services that are geared to create lending options for businesses. To be committed to helping people succeed in business

and to live increasingly satisfying fulfilled lives, while enjoying the journey together. To provide aspiring entrepreneurs to help them identify their interests and passions, then launch

a business to support their dream lifestyle. empower,motivate and inspire entrepreneurship using the most powerful forms of media.

I set up El Nero Business Hub, Inc with the mission to help other entrepreneurs stay connected, to become a very powerful business networking company worldwide , to offer the most important business services which every business owner can benefit from, to empower others to leave a lifelong legacy, to offer an open platform where ideas are shared and empowered, to provide a mastermind discussion forum for entrepreneurs to network, mastermind, partner, learn and grow .

I discovered that I love networking with positive mindset people and that I was really good at it too.I'm looking for a co - founder that buys into this vision, where we collaborate.The ideal co - founder is should have interest in social networking as to work together to make El Nero

Business Hub,Inc a very powerful business networking company worldwide.

EL Haji Nero


The University of Texas at Austin

Project Management

2016 - 2016


Certified Associate in Project Management

Certfied Artist Developer