Elan Engel

Bellingham, Washington, US

Elan's Skills
Product Management

About Elan

I am looking for someone with experience negotiating funding and doing market research. I have a marketing product in development and will likely need some funding to complete the buildout. Another area where assistance would be welcome is working on our pricing strategy. We have the basic technology down, but getting more of the business side loose ends tied up would be a great help. This is an early stage startup that is still undergoing development and has the potential to disrupt a boring established market if I can attract the right team. Our current tasks are as follows:

Finish and pilot prototype - hopefully determine an effective price point and potential customer base size with data from the pilot.

Get funding for an initial large hardware purchase and client portal site that will allow us to sell our first round of product at scale and full price.

I would like our prototype and proof of concept complete before I look to fund this business.