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New York, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Operations, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Management, Finance
I am the founder of MOI, an app that is basically the Grub hub and Opentable of the Beauty industry, I understand what providers need and what users want. Being from the industry plays a very important factor to developing an app that is for this industry. Other apps on the market first of all are not developed by industry experts. How can they create a good product for an industry that they are not involved in?They not from the industry and that's why they missed the point., I am a former salon owner and cosmetologist for 14 years. hence, I have a secret recipe that will make our app the LEADER in the industry, all the rest are made by women, mostly not that glamorous women, and mainly looking for profit and missing the point. I am looking for co-founder to invest join and work for and with me, but at this stage we raise a lot of money and are about that NY (where I am a native) and own the market within the next 12 months. want to join and help, access more capital, or understand branding and marketing let me know. We are going to be a 3B company in less than 5 years. 917-705-1114 or contatc our securities attorney : Sunny J. Barkats and seed investor. 646-502-7007  Sunny

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