Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Netherlands

Elena's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Elena


I work with Jesse Dijksmann, Lukida's founder and we are looking for a CTO/Co-founder

About you
We are looking for a technical co-founder / CTO to join our journey and transform this startup into something that will shape the future of sustainable incomes for makers.

We already have an MVP up and are looking for someone with broad technical expertise to put in place a solid technical foundation in order to scale Lukida to the next level.

* Are a passionate developer who dreams of creating a better world than the one you were born into
* Have a broad interest in technologies, which helps you to make estimates, but also to provide guidance once we grow our team
* Aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty when there’s coding to be done or fires to be put out
* Are good with people and can break down complex technical challenges in a way that anyone can understand
* Know your way around developing web apps and have previous experience in tech leadership, whether as a lead developer or taking point on an open source project

As co-founder / CTO you will be directly involved in the development of the business, bringing new ideas, thinking in new directions, as well as being a public face of the company.

What we offer

Every founder will hold a good part of equity in the company. We are currently raising seed funding. Once the round is closed, we will assign competitive salaries on top of the equity.

Do you want the opportunity to change the world and emancipate makers instead of spending your talent on things with marginal impacts? Curious to know more about the project?

Drop us a line!