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Business Development
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First time founder

About Elgo

I am looking for a full stack developer who is interested in joining an early-stage startup as a technical cofounder.

The startup that now has two founders including myself, focuses on the dining and hospitality service in Japan, in which, we want to develop a real-time online ticketing system for diners to avoid long queues on one hand, and, for restaurants to amplify their hospitality on the other.

Why we want to develop it?
(For diners)
Japan is a foodie’s paradise, but most popular restaurants serving delicious dishes always create a loooong lineup, and the problem is that people will not be likely to know how long the line is until they show up at the restaurants. Some lines could even take up to 2 hours or so. Think about people have to wait in line forever in the blistering cold or in the pouring rain. It is definitely a pain for diners. So, we think it would be nice if there is an online platform where people can keep track of the queue status of a restaurant, find out the wait time and download a ticket whenever and wherever they want.
***Our explainer video (in Japanese)***
http://lineupisapain.wix.com/diners (English script!)

(For Restaurants)
In restaurants’ business, more than half of the total sales are made up from repeat customers. Restaurant owners know that serving great food solely does not guarantee to maintain the repeat customers, in fact, hospitality plays a major part. Surprisingly, less than 8% of customers will come back to the same restaurant if they serve delicious food but their hospitality service is bad. Conversely, more than 70% of customers will come back to the same restaurant if the food is ok but the hospitality is phenomenal! In other words, if the incredibly long queue of the a restaurant (bad hospitality) is always recalled before their food in diners’ mind whenever the restaurant is brought up, it is not a good sign and the repeat customer rate is unlikely to be maintained.
***Our explainer video (in Japanese) ***
http://lineupisapain.wix.com/restaurants (English script!)

What have we done? And what now?
We have built a front-end page and a sign-up page (http://lineupisapain.wix.com/copy-of-fast-pass) through a website builder. We have also been meeting different advisors for feedback, and, attending exhibition event and doing door-to-door pitch for customer discovery.
Right now, we are planning to attend the Startup Weekend Tokyo and a seed accelerator program in a way to expand our network and get some mentoring. Collaborating with a technical cofounder, we want our first prototype or MVP developed. At the same time, we would like to find our early adopters and engage a rapid iteration.
If you are interested in our idea, passionate about improving people’s quality of life, and able to dedicate full-time for the length of the accelerator program. Team up with us.


University of British Columbia

B.A. Linguistics

2010 - 2010