Eli Escobedo

Phoenix, Arizona, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

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Skyfire Solar Design is a B2B in the solar industry that provides permit ready plan sets and other design & engineering related services to solar installation companies. We currently act as a solar companies design & engineering department and provide work force augmentation to those with existing in-house D&E departments. Our goal as a business is to streamline the site audit, engineering, and permitting process which tends to be the largest bottle neck in the life cycle of an installation, and it's costly. We have developed a process that has dramatically increased the accuracy and has greatly reduced the time it takes to develop a plan set.

For example, a current client informed me that it takes one of their designers 10 hours to complete a plan set and they have 5 designers that they pay on avg. $25-$35. We can complete a plan set in less than an hour and it will be designed to code, city, and utility requirements, and it will cost less then what they pay their designers.

Our next step is to automate the process we have developed and become THE engineering team for the solar industry beating out everyone on speed, quality, and cost. The solar market is growing and there is not much competition in the space that we are in so the fruit is ripe for the picking. If you would like to know more and discuss Skyfire in more detail then please message me.

Thank you!


Arizona State University

BS in Sustainability

2011 - 2011