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Bakersfield, California, US

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Looking to develop interesting software for IoT, healthcare, and mobile B2B enterprise. A successful startup needs a hustler, a hacker, and a designer/hipster. I'm bringing the hacker. What are you bringing?

Serial entrepreneur of multiple ad driven websites involving millions of users. Jack of all trades full stack software developer for the web, mobile, and desktop (dev blog: http://www.fmxexpress.com/ ).

I have deployed over 300 apps on Android and IOS with 8+ million downloads and reached over 120 million players on the web. I have experience in website administration and development, ad campaign management and deployment, database architecture design and deployment, software design and development, split testing, website optimization, online marketing, contract law, programming, graphic design, marketing, business development, technical support, database management, server architecture, system administration, web development, load balancing, Facebook API, Android games, iOS games, AdWords, AdSense, eBay API, YouTube, YouTube API, ad exchanges, geotargeting, traffic trading, Adobe AIR, LAMP, Adobe Flash, Delphi and other internet related skills.

Also don't be this person:

Sending me a message that basically says "call me" is not a winning strategy.


You think you have time. - Summarized Buddha