elissa pignati

Los Altos, California, US

elissa's Skills
Product Management

About elissa

My co founder and I are seeking a lead engineer in a venture which I will describe below. What we need is a forward-thinking, creative individual with an expert ability and
passion for coding and developing. We are seeking a founder-level
developer who is enthusiastic to join us in a LEAN STARTUP. Here is
the skill set we are seeking. If you have the talent, ability, and
desire to build a disruptive, fireball of a social networking platform/application from the
ground up, then this is the opportunity for you. . .

Ideal skill set:
change-the-world mentality
+ experience in python, ruby or node.js
+ familiarity with RESTful APIs
+ iOS and Android experience a plus

My experience with start-ups, management, and partnerships; my current relationships and networks; my access to servers and networking equipment; as well as my cofounder's expertise as an attorney practicing intellectual property and complex commercial litigation; her experience with PR; and her vast social network and relationships with key players in the valley put us in a prime position to
launch a lean startup. Worth mentioning: when the business matures
post-prototype, we will be well positioned to acquire early adopters
and early stage investors, consistent with our business plan and
vision for the future of our company. Joining us in this means no
money initially. While this will be a collaborative and organic
process, this founder-level engineer must have the ability to build,
develop, test, and ultimately launch this app with us. We are not
seeking an intern, an employee, or a consultant; but an engineer who
is eager to pour their time, passion, expertise, and ideas into an
exciting partnership and app in exchange for founder's stock and a
unique position on the ground floor of what we believe will be a
fast-paced, upward-moving venture.