Elizabeth Charnock

Half Moon Bay, California, US

Elizabeth's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Elizabeth

I am the CEO of Chenope. Previously, for 12 years, I was the CEO of Cataphora, a 100%-employee-owned company that took in ~$100M in revenue, and achieved global press recognition, was awarded numerous patents, and contributed real IP that has truly had lasting impact on a number of different fields. In addition to being a "real" CEO, I am also technical. I am in fact one of the main IP holders.

I am looking to expand the current founding team of Chenope, which we expect to again build up on the basis of a combination of superior technology and superior sales execution. If you are a high caliber technical person and have real experience in data analysis in the context of large scale enterprise architecture, or are a serious UI person, we'd like to talk to you. Prior knowledge of IR/NLP/data mining helpful. Ditto for strong math background. Ditto for knowledge of the financial services vertical. A passion for building a real ( = sustainable + profitable + scalable) business is a must, as is a real mission-orientation in what you do - we are not selling features or buzz words, but rather analytical results. We can be flexible on location, but ideally prefer one of the following locations: Northern California, D.C. area, or Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Chenope already has some paying customers, though we are still for the moment pre-payroll. We do not yet have a website, though we will shortly.

If you are a software salesperson in the area of financial services or defense and you have experience both carrying the bag and managing people, this is an astonishingly good opportunity. We don't care if you have prior startup experience, so long as you are the real deal and can adapt. Strong preference for someone who has already had success as a VPS. You probably need to be east-coast-based.


The University of Michigan

BS Pure Mathematics

1987 - 1987