Elle Rustique

Mountain View, California, US

Elle's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Elle

I'm the non-technical founder of a MV-based fintech and social impact startup. We're building a mobile payments and analytics platform that enables cashless tipping and provides business intelligence for the hotel, travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Our vision is to see technology being used for the social good -- by focusing on small payments that express thanks, gratitude, kindness, like a gratuity. We want to change how employees, customers, and businesses interact by creating a micro-financial ecosystem powered by appreciation. That's the vision. The practical is where we are now. We've succeed by working with various developers to create our MVP, a mobile app now on the iOS store. We are piloting n one hotel and will be adding two more.

We have a small team, our strengths are our creativity, marketing, sales. We've received attention and now in an incubator, Unbank Ventures where our goal is traction and securing seed investment.

Our team --

I-designed a mobile app that would enable seamless, friction-free, low-cost payment transactions for the service industry. We built a mobile app prototype, and then we lost our developer. We are CTO-less and looking for a talented engineer with a lot of emotional intelligence.