Elliott Sheridan

Spokane, Washington, US

Elliott's Skills
Product Management

About Elliott

I've designed and built two prototype electric bicycles, and am currently working on design #3. My e-bikes are uniquely capable, they can pull loads of up to 250 pounds (rider and cargo) up very steep hills, while simultaneously covering long distances. My current prototype can handle over 1000 feet of hill climbing as part of a 28 mile ride. Compare those specifications to anything else on the market.

My designs also offer a unique level of comfort, durability and style. I'm looking for a partner with proven marketing skills who can understand the potential of my product, and to work with me in making this a going concern. My strengths are in design and engineering, my weaknesses are in the areas of marketing and sales; it is my intention to find a partner who's strengths compliment mine, so that together we can build a world-class company building truly superior electric bicycles.