Elliott White

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Elliott's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Elliott

Pulsity is Kayak.com for the bar and restaurant industry. Our goal is to collect, centralize, and help make sense of all the information bars and restaurants put out into the universe.

Everyone has asked "what's the plan tonight?" at some point in their lives. Pulsity is designed to help answer that question. We collect reviews, social media feeds, menus, deals, events, pictures, and curate them to a certain degree so that users are seeing places that are relevant to them. This info can be filtered and presented in a number of different ways.

I've been working on Pulsity for almost 3 years. I built a website to test the assumptions in the model and ran a beta test. I was able to generate decent user traffic, but scaling bars and restaurants proved difficult. Based on this feedback, I made changes to the model and the way we handle API's. I then built the prototype of the mobile app to pitch investors. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I've got some investors already committed. I believe that with a fully functioning app in the app store generating some traction we could close a large seed round quickly.

My background is in operations and sales management. I've held upper management positions for several different companies in different industries over the past 12 years. I figured that if I was good enough at making lots of money for other people, I could figure out a way to make some of my own. So I set out on building something from the ground up.

I'm looking for someone who not only can build a full mobile app, but who wants to join me on this adventure. I need solid advice on the technical aspects of the company. I want someone who will push me, challenge my thought process, and work as hard as I do.


Suffolk University


2006 - 2006