elsa sze

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About elsa

Elsa describes herself an idealistic go-getter and an enlightened cynic. Her involvement with the 2012 Obama campaign has affirmed her belief in the power of engaged citizens to change the world. Prior to pursuing her masters degrees at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, Elsa advised Fortune 500 executives as a consultant of McKinsey & Co. After graduating from the University of Chicago with a BA in Econ. Elsa worked at the International Monetary Fund to monitor fiscal stimulus policy during the last global crisis.

Empowering communities is Elsa’s lifelong mission. She founded Agora after realizing this: our votes only matter on election, but our voices matter every single day. Too much money has been poured into elections and winning our votes, but too little is devoted to improving governance and representing our voices. Elsa believes that technology can disrupt politics as we know it, by transforming voters into citizens, politicians into statesmen.

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