Emanuel Francken

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Emanuel's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Emanuel

After I my graduation I had several working experiences but there was no one that was fullfilling. One day, I realized that I wanted to build a business again (just as I did during ms studies). Soon the idea came into my mind for a new social app. In my opinion that can be a new disruptive application of the size of Tinder, Instagram or Snapchat. However I do not have the technical skills to built it. Therefore I am looking for a developer that has the ability to be my Co-Founder and want to go on in this journey. I am looking for someone who has good/excellent developing skills, the idea of how to built a great app and the ability to manage people in the future. If you're enthusiastic about the story and feel you are fitting the bill don't hesitate to contact me! Best regards, Emanuel