Kigali, Rwanda

i'm a civil engineer
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while i was a child, in all the time i was wishing to be acivil engineer not for other love on it, but only feeling abaut to became who i'm to day. Becouse my hard working durng my college i was wondering a better job after my bachelor degree,but this doen't caunt actually. hawever through many challenges in this world i think how can i change the world not only base on what i have learned in my colleges, what they have teach me is to train my mind to think big,to think wide, becouse i was found that this is the only way to succeed.

so like now i'm being thinking about how the trained mind can built strong thing in this world. and i found that the way to achieve this is to became an entrepreneur based on my career by emplimenting many projects,like real estate to facilitate my country Rwanda to to ahieve short land management.


"The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein


College of Science and Technology/ UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA

Bacheror degree in civil engineering

2015 - 2019


global social entrepreneurship