Emmon Khan

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Chicago, Illinois, US


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First time founder

About Emmon

I've been working in the corporate world for 6 years doing structured finance/credit risk management work for large banks, equity firm and other investors for over $1 billion in financing in aggregate. I learned a lot and got a lot of exposure doing due diligence on over 210 companies in all types of industries such as technology, manufacturing, automotive, credit card processing, pharmaceuticals, logistics/transportation. I have traveled across North America working with private and public companies and learned and gained exposure to hundreds of business models, revenues streams, areas of risk, etc.

I am extremely tired and frustrated with the corporate world and have been for years and have NO passion for it. I love the start-up world have immersed myself in the start-up and venture capital scene. Have a strong passion for starting/creating product/service and adding value to it, creating jobs and potentially making a successful exit down the road. It's just more fulfilling and rewarding.

I have many strong ideas with good revenue models. At the end of the day it’s about creating a good product/service that has value to solve a problem that customers can use....if you have that...revenue will follow.

I have attended conferences held by Fast Company Magazine, Tech Week Chicago, Built in Chicago, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd and Technori. I have had the opportunity to meet lots of entrepreneurs and executives from all walks of life including founder of Tumblr, Twitter, Square, etc.

Jack Dorsey co-founder of Twitter and Square advised get the idea out of your head as soon as possible and start working on it. No need to make it perfect.

I consider myself a serial net-worker and opportunist. I love attending entrepreneurial conferences and networking. Networking is an art that I have perfected. It's not about what you know but WHO you know.

Last couple months I spent networking and lining of resources before starting to work on my current vision. Once the product is developed (i.e mobile app), I have the means through my connections to get a couple hundred thousand to million downloads which is critical in the success of a product. Exposure!

I wake up 4am to work-out and get things accomplished while the rest of the world is sleeping. Most people have 12 months of year to work. I have 14 months because I wake up earlier before everybody else. I have a amazing billionaire mentor who has thought me a lot of valuable skills.

Currently I am working on a big vision which has huge growth potential and possibilities. I have a technical co-founder on board who is working on the programming aspect of the app while I handle everything business related. He is still working on getting a prototype but I am starting to look for a strong designer who can take the product to the next level and make it beautiful. I am very confident that together we can create amazing products and market them and get investors involved. My goal is to get the product up and going and then start going to conferences and presenting in front of crowds to get it out there.

My business partner and I are both working full-time in the corporate world but putting in tons of sweat equity outside of work

Product Management

Ohio State University


2007 - 2007





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