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I have been involved in the internet marketing scene for the past 5 years with eCommerce for the past 3 years.

My business partner and I specialize in eCommerce using Shopify platform + FB Ads.

We just got back from spending 4 weeks in Hong Kong/China attending conventions/fair and meeting around 300 suppliers for products we want to launch individually and products we will be building small brands around. We will be working on product/brand launches in verticals such as consumer electronics, women's makeup, men's watch, health & beauty and several others. As I previously mentioned, we have connections with around 300 suppliers so we a lot to work with.

We currently have a small rock-star team and we are looking for someone who can create amazing and beautiful professional product videos and ad imagery. Also product demo/usage videos and can bring in models for shoots using the product all leading to the product launch online.

Also looking for a creative copywriter who can help with sales copy (short and long form copy), writing enticing product descriptions, etc. Basically help SELL the CLICK and CONVERT.

If the copywriter can also help with email sequence and content, that will also be very helpful!

If you have any samples of work, that would be great! We can negotiate equity and revenue in the business or do it on a product launch by product launch basis. The goal can be 1) revenue and profit generation 2) building a product line and brand around the product 3) customer acquisition and just sell it after a point.

You can even text me on Whatsapp at 440-390-9339 to make communication easier.

My background was in 10 years of the corporate consulting doing risk management work for close to 500 companies on behalf of large banks, private equity firm and other investors. I learned a lot and got a lot of exposure doing due diligence on all the companies in all types of industries such as technology, manufacturing, automotive, credit card processing, pharmaceuticals, logistics/transportation. I have traveled across North America working with private and public companies and learned and gained exposure to hundreds of business models, revenues streams, areas of risk, etc.

I have attended conferences held by Fast Company Magazine, Tech Week Chicago, Built in Chicago, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd and Technori. I have had the opportunity to meet lots of entrepreneurs and executives from all walks of life including founder of Tumblr, Twitter, Square, etc.

I consider myself a serial net-worker and opportunist. I love attending entrepreneurial conferences and networking. Networking is an art that I have perfected. It's not about what you know but WHO you know.


Entrepreneurship is like eating glass and staring into the abyss. It's painful with tons of uncertainty but I wouldn't do anything else! - Elon Musk


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