Enrique Gutierrez

Kissimmee, Florida, US

Physician and Researcher at Epigene Channel
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About Enrique

I am a physician who owns a private practice in Kissimmee, Florida. I have background training with fellowships in endocrinology and allergy and immunology. My practice treats many complicated patients that have not been able to obtain positive result elsewhere. One of these groups is HIV patients with immunologic failure and immune decompensated state. I have developed an innovative treatment that restores the immune system quickly. This treatment fills a vacuum for which there is no other therapy available and so I am interested in developing this treatment for the benefit of humanity.
My practice is also a designated clinical research site and am currently involved in clinical research including an NIH sponsored study.
I have an extensive background in medical research including ground breaking publications in peptide transport through the blood brain barrier and drug reactions in AIDS patients. I have also been involved in clinical research trials in various organizations as a sub investigator and now as a principal investigator.
I was awarded a U.S. patent for a unique treatment method for diabetes that in my opinion based on my observations can result in remissions and arrest and reverses the disease.

Work Experience

Vice President of Communications


August 2015 - January 2016