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Ephraim Tabackman

Programmer, Designer

Jerusalem, , Israel


Age Group


About Ephraim

I'm an advanced coder and UI/UX designer with decades of experience managing projects and teams, creating dynamic, data-driven web sites and other digital media, including video, audio and animation.

I have advanced-level skills and extensive experience in the following areas of software development and interactive media. (I am stronger in front-end technologies, but very comfortable with server-side as well.)

· OOP, functional and event-driven programming
· Javascript / ES6 / HTML5 / CSS3 / SVG / ReactJS
· PHP / C# / AS3 / MySQL / NodeJS

· User interface design (UI/UX)
· Branding / Identity / Logo design
· Graphic and information design (digital and print)
· Video, audio, music editing and production
· Animation / 3D / Motion graphics

I love learning new tools and technologies, and pick up new things very quickly.

I want to build a new company or join as a founder of a young startup to develop products in one of these areas:
- Education
- Enterprise
- Project Management and Workflow
- Media Technology
- Creative Tools

(I prefer not to be in the advertising or entertainment spaces, but the right idea could change my mind. Open to other areas as well.)

I am passionate about product-market fit, solving real problems, usability, clean code, documentation, and great design.



There's always a solution! - Me

Work Experience

Senior Front End Software Architect UI/UX


January 2008 - January 0

Developed a large, single page online application for quickly creating dynamic interactive video advertising units. This tool is used by clients such as Verizon, Cuisinart and Yankee Candle. Integrated dozens of third-party APIs and SDKs, including MailChimp, YouTube, eBay, Wix, and VPAID. Architected and built custom SDKs and APIs for internal use and for third party developers. Led the UI/UX design of complex back-office features for managing run-time behavior of cross-platform IAB-compliant HTML5/Flash dynamic advertising units.



January 1997 - January 1999

Built and led teams that developed powerful e-book, e-commerce and online media technologies. · Hired over 50 employees · Design and construction of video editing facilities, recording and music production studio, 3D and animation department, engineering team.

Founder, developer, designer

Intellity Interactive Media

January 2000 - January 2008

Designed and built dynamic CMS-driven web sites for dozens of clients in the finance, media, non-profit and technology fields.

VP of R&D / Senior Producer


January 1990 - January 1999

Managed all creative and technical teams. As Senior Producer, produced education/entertainment multimedia products and trained and mentored other producers. Designed, specified, hired and built all departments, including engineering, video and audio production, art, animation, research and writing teams.


Self Taught

Computer Science, Media Production

1993 - 1997