Eran Cohen

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Product Management leader
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Product Management
Business Development
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About Eran

Looking to cooperate with gifted developer in the field of voice recognition, artificial intelligence and big data.
I have an idea with defined need and huge market of multiple verticals. Idea that will make a difference.

I believe successful founders are more than just plain business partners. As such it is important to build relationship, that are based on trust and common denominator, before jumping to the deep water. This is not to say I search for a twin. I seek a person, that hold similar belief on how business should be managed and one that practice fair employment. The perfect journey partner is an experienced developer, or other professional to that matter, who realize the need for professional product management function. One that want to collaborate, as opposed to these who think they know it all and can do it all on their own . Contact me and lets cooperate for success. I am ready.

About me: I couple 20 years of experience in product management, sales, and technical services with an unbridled passion for technology. Working for startups and enterprises since the 90's my resume holds successful international brand name companies. I served in various roles and manage products selling tens of millions a year.

Happily employed now and looking to build a future venture in stealth mode. Discretion is key.


It's about the journey, not less than the destination - Me