Eric Anderson MD, PhD

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Eric's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Eric

I am a physician trained in Neurology and Epilepsy with a keen interest in telemedicine and mobile health. I publish and speak nationally on the subject and have made my foray from academics into providing healthcare and services over telemedicine. I am also very up to date on current trends in healthcare economics and medical reimbursement and have multiple ties in the medical community. I have founded a small company in the area that capitalizes on this opportunity. I am currently trying to realize my vision in the mobile health arena, and have developed a very basic prototype with my limited programming skills. What I am looking for, is someone proficient in programming who would want to join me as a partner and help me achieve my goals faster than I otherwise could. Certainly, I am confident that I could continue to slowly move this forward on my own, but not at the more rapid pace that I would like.