Eric C. Bohn

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

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About Eric

I wrote my first program at age 6, built my first profitable business at 20, and never stop working towards my dreams/goals. I currently work as an airline pilot, and also as a web application consultant where I work with businesses to help architect and develop cloud based web applications. My interests in tech are veering toward machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In addition to technical expertise, my soft skills are excellent. I can sell, lead, and manage just as well as I can architect, design, and implement - with great business sense. I learn quick and don't give up.

I enjoy big picture thinking, putting together the pieces to achieve success, and am looking for a skilled developer with an entrepreneurial bent who is not averse to risk and has real-world experience in the same industry as their business.

My experience spans the following industries:
- Healthcare
- Aviation
- Telecommunications
- Motorsports


Be grateful, be humble, be educated. - Anonymous

Work Experience

First Officer

SkyWest Airlines

May 2015 - Today

Fly FAR Part 121 scheduled transport operations. Collaborate with the Captain and flight attendant(s) for a safe and efficient flight. Communicate flight information with passengers on an as needed basis, and to strengthen the company image. Adapt and overcome issues as they arise, and resolve discrepancies in a timely fashion. Coordinate with air traffic control, company operations, dispatch, and other facilities to ensure a streamlined operation and a positive customer experience.

Web Application Consultant

Grand Scheme Ventures

March 2012 - Today

Lead the architecture, creation, enhancement, and development of end-­to-­end web applications and web services. Synchronized communication between executive leadership, developers, and application end­users to identify issues and provide meaningful solutions.

Sr. Microsoft .NET Consultant

Mayo Clinic

February 2011 - December 2014

Lead the architecture and development of a large­scale multi­tenant enterprise health assessment framework with multiple integration points, including third­party integration. Presented our web services, division­wide. Architected and implemented a process for automating the validation and deployment of our web applications. Oversaw the integration of this automated process throughout our division, and provided coaching and direction to individuals and group leaders.


Street Dreams

November 2003 - June 2007

Grew business from concept to near six figure annual sales in one year. Organized promotional events to enhance awareness and market presence. Managed growth and demand through increased vendor relationships and hiring. Installed performance products and accessories into cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Worked individually with clients and business leaders and provided a positive experience throughout the sales and service lifecycle.


Winona State University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (3.73 GPA)

2006 - 2011


Machine Learning

Stanford University

Co-working Space

COCO Uptown

2015 - 2015