Eric Davis

Boulder, Colorado, US

Ex-Investment Banking Analyst, craft-beer entrepreneur, working on Saas program for finance industry
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About Eric

I am a former (reformed) investment banking analyst, turned craft beer entrepreneur and current personal/business financial coach. I work exclusively with entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them make smart decisions with their business and personal financial life.

My current project involves building a Saas tool with a colleague designed to help individuals in similar positions within the finance industry. We recognized the need in our firm, thoroughly searched for a solution to no avail, and have decided to take matters into our own hands to build a product that we can use and sell to similar firms.

We are fortunate enough to have 6 years combined working within the financial services industry which is plenty of time to recognize how antiquated the industry is. We have wireframed a product that would immediately bring value to our own practice, and by conducting interviews with other professionals from other companies, we feel strongly that this is something we can market and sell.

Being non-technical co-founders we are nearing a tough decision point... Do we hire an internal team member to help us build this product and grow this business, or do we outsource the MVP and initial product build? It is our hope that we can find the rare breed that can help us (2 hungry, talented professionals) build something special in this industry.

Work Experience

Investment Banking Analyst

Petrie Partners

January 2013 - January 2014

Worked as an analyst on M&A and capital raises for companies ($2B - $15B in market cap) in the upstream oil and gas sector.

Founder, CEO

Craft Beer Entrepreneur

January 2014 - Today

After taking several trips between Sevilla, Spain (great food, terrible beer) and Boulder (craft-beer mecca), I raised capital, put together an experienced team and set out to bring American craft-beer to a deserving and needing market. We are currently exploring options for a brewery in Puerto de Santa Maria, with a tap room and direct-to-consumer model (vs. brewery 1.0 version: production facility in Sevilla).


BSW Wealth Partners

June 2015 - Today

Being a former financial and investment banking analyst, I am adept at handling complex financial situations. Being an entrepreneur, I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business owners make smart decisions with their hard earned money. BSW Wealth Partners is an independent wealth advisor that works every day to make life better for its clients. The firm provides financial and investment advice, goal-setting, and plan implementation on a fee-only basis to private investors. Our clients are successful individuals and families – sometimes spanning multiple generations – who need a sophisticated partner to assist them with protecting and growing their wealth over the long term.



June 2016 - Today

My colleague and I have started a SaaS business to address a need that we had at BSW Wealth Partners. After searching for a solution on the market, we were unable to find one and Sydekick was born. We have conducted dozens of interviews of interested future customers, developed relationships with trade industry titans who love the idea and have wireframed the MVP. As non-technical co-founders, we are now stuck in the unenviable position of deciding whether to outsource the build of the MVP or find a technical co-founder. We are sharp and extremely hard working. We know it is a long shot to hire someone internally who will meet our criteria and fit with the team, but this is our goal.


University of Colorado


2008 - 2012


Certified Financial Planner

CFP Board