Eric Flathers

Los Angeles, California, US

Eric's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Eric

Currently I'm working on a mobile app and a few other website projects. I'm looking for a tech co-founder. Someone who can handle the coding side of the business while I deal with sales, marketing, investor relations and general admin. I need someone who can build a MVP so we can soft launch for market research and start pitching investors.

What I bring to the table. I've been working in tv production as a production manager and producer for over 12 years. Before that I worked in radio and did direct sales. My strongest skill is dealing with people, it takes a lot of departments to produce a show and its my job to manage all of them be they employees, executives, business owners or an audience of extras. I'm also a scheduling wiz, a decent copy writer and can build budgets and marketing/pitch decks.

If any of this sounds interesting and you think we might be a good match please feel free to contact me.