Eric Fredrickson

Seattle, Washington, US

Eric's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Eric

I'm a classic "Charismatic Founder" who is looking for professional management to run my latest startup, which has 12 employees, over 250 customers, and makes actual positive cash flow. (I know, right? Unusual!)

I co-founded, among others. My most successful companies have been those where I've had a great operations person as my partner. I'm more of a creative force than an organizing force. I need a cofounder to be that organizing force.

Previous experience includes T-mobile and in management & executive roles. I do have some technical experience as a developer and Oracle DBA, but creative thinking, communicating, training, and sales are by true strengths. I've run successful international PR campaigns, but they only succeeded because I had a great team to do the followup.

Starting to get the idea? With help from my current team, I've managed to organize things well enough to have success in the first year. We also have a great business plan. Now we need the team.

Everyone should know his limitations. We need to scale, so we need to fire the current CEO (me) and bring in someone who loves managing and growing companies as much as I love starting them.You can run the company and have me focus on the things I'm best at (sales and training). As a team, together we can drive growth by increasing sales while building capacity.

We have an opportunity to go national if we can put the right team together. We could either grow on cash flow using our current business plan, or accept outside investment to increase speed, at the cost of some equity. That key strategic decision is the first one my new co-founder & I need to make together.

I should note: this company is one of the "least technical" companies I've ever started. But I'm having more fun than I've ever had before, because our daily work is all about helping kids, which is awesome!

What we do: We teach kids the joy of coding computers by writing games together. Teaching programming in this creative way is unusual but it works brilliantly. And we're very, very good at it. Our customers LOVE us, and we have incredible repeat business & referral percentages because of it.

Our roles will be clear. I'll focus on what I'm best at: (sales, training, sales) and let you, the co-founder, actually run the company. Ideally you have experience growing a service-based business, but strong previous operations success in any field should translate well to our business.

High ethics and great references are non-negotiable, of course. I'm not afraid of a prior business failure. In fact, I respect people who've learned from a previous setback, and gained wisdom.

Most startups never get past the idea or MVP stage. We've done it. Cash flow is king, and we've got it. Join us, and let's grow.


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

MBA equivalent experience

1990 - 1990