Eric G White

New York, New York, US

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Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Eric G

A jack of all trades, I have spent many years working on military and commercial products. I have a lot of experience with wireless communications and signal processing. I have worked in many roles including hardware design(electronics), software, (embedded, web, mobile, etc), system design/architecture, and product/project management. I also have a knack for business development and have written dozens of technical proposals capturing several million dollars worth of work.

I am a highly motivated, creative, self-starter and I will find a way to make "it" work, whatever "it" is. I have tons of ideas and I know how to execute them. I desperately want to be a founding member of a tech company, it's all I think about every second of every day. As someone who has built several mobile/ web apps on a shoe string budget while holding down a full-time day job in parallel I keep running into the same issues. I need to be on the project 100% of the time to make it work and I need to promote the product to gain any significant traction, both of these needs require real funding.

I am looking for a co-founder to work with me on cultivating my next business idea and raise the required capital to properly execute. I have a lot of experience on the business side as well as the tech side, I prefer a technical co-founder with business/ start-up experience who has real VC contacts. I can make almost anything and I have no problem building a prototype/demo and giving a stellar pitch. My issue has always been getting the right idea in front of the right people, if you can help me make that happen, I can make the rest happen!


University of Central Florida

electrical engineering

2007 - 2007

Stevens Institute of Technology

electrical engineering

2010 - 2010


Project Management Professional