Eric Homeyer

Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Eric's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Eric

I need another person to talk to and bounce ideas off of. Someone that has big goals and the drive to work to succeed. I have been a DIY musician for 16+ years so I have experience with branding,marketing and promotion, recruiting, scheduling events, logo design, product design, and of course skills in Music include composition, arranging, audio production/recording/mixing/editing/mastering. I have full access to a private 24 simultaneous channel digital recording studio set up for real organic recording of live instruments. have also worked for 14 years as a vet assistant and I know a lot about that industry as well.
I am frequently coming up with what I think might be good ideas, or at least they are things I want to see created and implemented. I need someone else to work with to help me identify which things might be the best to focus on, and also to bring their awesome ideas to the table for me to help with. I work 3rd shift at a local vet hospital and in my down time I work on pursuing business aspirations.
I am also what some would call an 'extreme futurist' as I have been a signed and funded member of the Cryonics Institute for 12 + years and would like to either live forever or die trying!
I am open to chat with anyone about anything interesting at all hours of the night, whether it leads to business or just bs...