Eric Johnson

Denver, Colorado, US

Eric's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Eric

I am seeking a technical co-founder for our team. I spent a year working in the industry that we are founding learning the business, and yeah that might sound a bit cocky but this industry wasn't nearly as hard as learning the technical detail of MR HD's in HDD's where I spent the bulk of my career.

The check box below says "student" or "years exp in ecomm", neither is very accurate. My background is primarily in sales and management which over the years has included positions as Technical sales/support software for hotels, to managing WW biz in HDD of over $400 million/yr, to selling B2B messaging solutions and finally sales manager of a memorial company.

I am looking for someone that is smart enough to say "I don't know" when they don't know, yet capable enough to engage with non-technical people at their level. I have found that the smartest PhD's on the planet can break a subject as complex as physics, magnetics, or electrical engineering down to the lowest common denominator.

While the industry we are in isn't attractive to most, it's an industry that has largely been ignored and we have some interesting problems to solve and a complex set of variables to resolve.