Eric King

Redwood City, California, US

Eric's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Eric

I have started 3 companies, turned around 2 companies and advised/invested in several startups over the past 12 years. A benefit from this experience is that very little surprises me anymore so I don't freak out over every setback or become irrationally exuberant over every win. I am looking to build something meaningful in my next adventure (so no love to parking apps selling public spaces).

What am I looking for? People who complement my skills. Self-aware enough to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. That includes your short/long-term financial and professional needs. Collaborative but not willing to compromise your or the company's core beliefs. Can stay focused on the mission and not be distracted.

My experience is deepest in consumer finance. Not so much payments but lending so much of my focus is on that space. However I would really like to venture into a different space. Really into outdoor recreation (specifically ultra trail marathoning) and intrigued by potential of mobile to improve on current offerings (e.g. AllTrails) and new entrants blazing the path (e.g. Trailhead Labs and OuterSpatial).