Eric Lai


Maywood, California, US

Product manager / S/W Engineer / Online Commerce
Eric's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Eric

Computer science by education. S/w engineer by experience. Currently a full time tech entrepreneur building products that we own (not contracting / freelancing). current project is a mobile app that will involve a lot of business, marketing and technical expertise.

I started as a general software engineer building engineering tools at Boeing.

When I left to do consulting work I was a technology architect, building the framework for various enterprise and start up level systems. This includes coding the system before training and managing other engineers to take over, then training employees/end users on how to use the system and it's features.

I also worked as a project manager / tech lead, managing engineers from China while acting as a project manager for clients in the US.

After working for others I started building my own products including affiliate and e-commerce websites and other profitable mobile and web products. This is what I currently do full time.

10+ years of tech and hustle.

Work Experience


BE Media Global, LLC

November 2005 - December 2016