Eric Prechtl

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Eric's Skills
Product Management

About Eric

I consider myself a business founder with a strong set of technical skills. I graduated from MIT in 2000 with a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics. My education and experience since graduation provide me with a wide range of technical and business administration skills. My current focus is on designing high speed (up to 400 MHz), FPGA-based printed circuit boards and programming these FPGAs for video capture and processing towards the goal of building a high resolution 3D panoramic camera. We currently have a functioning prototype of this camera and are working to perfect its performance. There are a number of applications for this technology including surveillance, telerobotics and entertainment (amateur or professional video capture). My primary short term goal is to secure private equity funding (Angel, VC or other) so that we may complete the commercialization of this product within the next two years.
I'm looking for a talented and dedicated co-founder (or co-founders) that can augment my technical and business development skills. In a potential co-founder, I value trustworthiness and the ability to communicate highly. This is my full time gig. And by the time funding is successfully secured, my expectation is that any co-founders will be on-board in a full time capacity as well.