Eric Robinson

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Eric's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Eric

Sonic Bloom ( is an early stage startup founded in mid-2014 by myself, a veteran programmer and designer of music games, and Justin Stanizzi, veteran project manager of software start-ups. The two of us are longtime colleagues and share a deep interest in creating powerful tools for software engineers and designers. We've developed Koreographer, a powerful software tool that allows interactive media creators to match action to audio and produce cinematic experiences. After improving the technology based on critical feedback from developers in our beta program, we officially released Koreographer in the Unity Asset Store last September.

While Unity game developers have already begun to reap benefits from Koreographer technology, there remain many other industries that can take advantage of the underlying audio synchronization technology that makes Koreographer so powerful. It can change the way people engage with online music and videos and has strong value implications for web-advertising, especially those on YouTube and other web platforms. Sonic Bloom will take its patented technology beyond games to the web and beyond in 2016 to take advantage of this market opportunity.

We're looking for a talented and energetic individual to push the company onto a track that expands the reach of Koreographer. With the technology proven and patented, the last piece is a third founder with the connections and business acumen to realize the full potential of the technology in the market.

We're looking for someone who will work closely with the team to establish a strong business case for Koreographer and Sonic Bloom’s technology. A substantial amount of time will be spent developing market analysis of web/video advertising, the video game industry, and music technology. Part of the role will be pitching the company and product to interested investors. Direct responsibilities will be over financial projections and business case development. Business development and product strategy will be primarily between Justin and the third cofounder. In list form, responsibilities would be:

- Pitch for seed round funding and beyond
- Market analysis and planning of business development
- Networking on the company's behalf
- Provide necessary financial and business insights into product strategy

We're looking for someone with a business background and/or strong applied experience with business development and entrepreneurship, with proven fundraising or pitching success, and an aptitude for public speaking. They have an understanding of software engineering, video games, and audio systems, and can quickly learn the systems surrounding Koreographer. Familiarity with acoustic engineering and metadata software systems is a huge plus. This person can also get along with a duo of smart, experienced, software/product people. Strong connections with Angel Investors and leaders in the tech startup scene are necessary.