Erica Jeong

Sydney, Australia

Education Technologist wants to develop online learning + future job boards
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Product Management

About Erica

I want to build a website for guiding people to choose their education and career based on the future industry growth and demand of labor market.
I found the existing problems;
1) lack of information or opportunity to test their interest in emerging industry
2) hard to get a job if you don't have any technical skills because every industry is going digital
3) people try to change their career and learn something new but do not know where to start
provide job structure for the most demanded positions so students/employees can prepare their education in advance or plan what to do for next step career advancement, also a connected web of jobs for career changers
provide the trend of industry and professional elearning opportunities

I've researched the job boards startups: B2B (Lever - HR analytics software) and B2C (LEVO league and TheMuse, The initial founders split up and founded two different models, but who' the winner? I will write about it later) and the Indian startup CoCubes all started from the same idea but has different business models. For example, CoCubes wanted to connect college grads to entry-level positions but 5 out of 100 people hired and they lost most of the seed funding while implementing this business model. Now They changed it into entry-level assessment online tools as B2B business and succeeded. Job boards are more successful than career navigator startups such as CareerHQ, etc.
From the research so far, the career navigator built with analytics and matching algorithm wasn't successful and it's not pleasant user experience if a user has to make almost 50 questions profile to get a matching job list and people may be unfamiliar with keywords 'solution architect' or 'DevOps Engineer'. How can we close the skill gap between what businesses need and what people have learned? I want to build an online learning + demanded job recruitment structure in tech, design, and digital marketing.
The founder of TheMuse, Kathryn Minshew also studied political science at Duke and worked as an intern for U.S embassy and World Health Organization but she didn't like the pace of work and culture. Idealist people tend to be attracted to UN or Non-profit jobs but the problem is there are not many positions available matching their expectation for these smart people except diplomat or UN affiliations. Regarding this serious skill gap in the labor market, President Obama decided to release U.S. labor data as open source this year. It's a good news for startups keen on data science.

Thank you for showing interests in my idea.


University of Sydney

Master of Learning Science and Technology

2016 - 2017