Erica Morton

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Erica's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Erica

I am a startup looking to help other startups! There are tons of other startup projects that are primarily geared towards tech startups and getting them funded but what about the rest of us? I have started a pending non-profit that aims to connect startups to investment at a local level. This project is a series of events that will connect startups to capital and exposure in a very interactive way. I would love to share all the details of this project as it has gained traction already with interested startups willing to pay a nominal fee to get the money AND marketing they need.

I look forward to finding a co-founder or two that can really ramp things up and support these startups. This project focus is to boost the local economy and increase jobs by way of new startups in our area. This project will also have chapters in different states and hold the series of events on an annual basis.