Erick Brown

Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Erick

I am looking for 4 people to join and become Co-Founders of a start-up that I have been on/off working for the past three years this past June 15, 2015. In that time I have created a grand idea (Problem). Was extraordinarily Grand (ahead of its time even). I broke the idea up into numerous parts (will take teams) and have constructed plans for all of them. I need help bringing these ideas to light. This is a partnership like no other that I am asking? A true purposefully driven mobile commerce/communications platform. These ideas are very well thought out and have been meticulously tweaked over the last three years to circumvent any potential hurdles along our pathway to market saturation. As a high school student I considered myself a programmer. Now I am learning all over again, having been out of the loop for a while except for Oracle type database stuff, and bioinformatics uses. But my understanding is recovering however slow. I was a laboratory scientist in the area of Molecular Biology, for the MAN (HAHAHA), was RIFed (FIRED). I have been working in my family business for the last 3yrs. I finished all but my dissertation during grad school and then finished up my dissertation later in 2013 on Corporate Social Responsibility for study in the area of Finance (You will have to read it someday). This is a speck of who I am. I know I have to say my idea(s) are the greatest because they are mine. I hope to make them yours as well. And maybe just maybe we can tweak them together. These ideas are very growth oriented and can be executed fast. Lets create the next wave of interaction.


University of Liverpool, UK

MBA Finance

2013 - 2013